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Dear Lee
by Dwebb

I can't stop thinking of you,
how long will this last.
Such good memories
we have of our past.

At times I can't put my finger
on just why, so much, I love you.
But what I do know is
that my mind and heart
won't let you go.

It's so hard to imagine
not being with you for the rest of my life.
At times, I sometimes wish
that you were my wife.

We struggle with our other relationships
but we get along so well.
We enjoy each other's company
Geeze...only time will tell
who we will settle with
and what we will be doing,
when we should be together
who are we fooling?

My feelings for you are not fading,
although I wish they would.
Sometimes I don't like being in love with you
but my heart thinks I still should.

You've spoiled me, you know,
searching for your qualities in other women.
I still think of you often,
even when I'm with them.

At times I think you should find a man
who has his life all planned out
and makes more money than I can.

Other times I know
it's not the money that counts
but the goodness in a soul
and the caring and love in a heart.

Your mind is strong
with a great sense of humor,
your character unsurpassed.
You show it on the outside
but inside you are put to the test.

We both know that when our lips meet
our kisses can't compare.
I really, really miss
running my fingers through your hair.

Kissing and loving,
touching and walking,
being with you,
wishing we were talking.

I'm so turned on by your body
and love your breasts.
The sex we have
is only the best.

When you sit on my lap,
your teasing I adore.
Oh God...
do I have to say more?

Memories of rubbing your neck,
then undoing your buttons,
pulling the blouse over your shoulders
still gives me the shudders.

I'm so jealous and envious
thinking of you with another man.
I won't get used to it,
don't think I can.

Other women will come
and some will go.
But it's you, my love,
that I'll always adore.

Are these feelings mutual?
I know some of them are.
But you hold a lot inside
not revealing to me just how far.

It made me so sad
composing this poem.
I thought of you all day
wishing we were home.

I didn't know whether to send this,
you should know how I feel.
These emotions I have
are still very real.

But I did decide to send it,
if only to let you know
that I think about you
wherever I go.


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