The Best Erotic Stories.

Dreaming...of you.
by Dwebb

All alone sitting
not much to do.
You know I think a lot
dreaming of you.

That we were secretly together
alone at my house.
No one would know
no one but us.

With your tongue
you would touch mine,
our lips would part.
We would take each other in
and that would be just the start.

With you on my lap
one position we love,
sitting on my couch
with you above.

Or with you in the chair
and me behind,
stroking your hair
so soft and kind.

I would slip my hand
under your bra
and touch your nipple
very soft...ahhh.

Or caress your breasts
with supple hands.
I know you love it
knowing the way I can.

To feel you shudder
as I do this
and to touch your neck
with a gentle kiss.

Undoing you buttons
or slipping the blouse over you head,
we wouldn't rush to love.
But instead, we would make it last.
And in my dreams
it wouldn't be fast.

My pants you would unbuckle,
your hands they would glide
down to my stiffness.
I've got nothing to hide.

Our clothes would come off
so slowly I'm sure.
The rush that I'm feeling
seems like a cure.

I love to pleasure you,
your wetness so sweet.
Don't think that
I have to
but feel like it's my treat.

Pressing hard at times,
teasing you some.
Making soft and sweet love
until we both come.

Making you feel
like a loved woman,
you make me feel
like a loving man.

Hugging and spooning afterwards,
cupping your breasts in my hands
is one memory of mine
that will always stand.

We're so comfortable together,
we know what to share.
We're so easy with each other
because we both care.

I know that it's not only
my lust I'm describing
but yours too,
you won't be denying.

Think of it my dear,
how lovely it would be,
just you
just me.


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