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Droplets Upon My Lips
by Intoxyc8me

Buttons unsnapping

My fingers trailing
down my chest, catching the rivulets of sweat
that comes from the steam of the shower

I watch your hands soap your body
you look up though the shower glass
and catch my glance

my shirt slips from my shoulders
as I meet your out stretched hand

Stepping under the shower, joining you
my head thrown back
my hair now getting wet

The spray of the water
kissing my face,
droplets landing on my lips

Your hands so strong
soaping my body

Taking the soap from your hand
I then begin my journey ...
Learning your body as our eyes meet
the same passionate gaze

My hands all soapy
running over your chest
down your AB's
as I
kneel and caress your
long, toned legs

My fingers never missing an inch
as I move my body behind you
gliding the soap over your shoulders
down your back

As the water rinses
my lips trail hot kisses
down your spine
rejoicing that you are mine

You turn and hold my head in your
hands as your tongue dances across my ear
and down to my lips
Pulling me under the water, together with you
lifting me higher as we ride with time
Your body possessing mine

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