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Do You Know I'm Watching?
by J Monty

Do you know I'm watching?
Do I know?
I see you in color. Sometimes
in nostalgic black and white.
You stare at me with your
big brown eyes, and coyly smile.
Do you know I'm watching?
Do I know?
Still smiling, you toy with clothing.
Stretching, revealing, and then hiding.
Your top will find itself on the floor, revealing.
And you smile like you know.
Can you see me?
Can I?
Your hands will travel from face to breasts,
stopping for a while.
Fingers softly circling your flesh.
An occasional pinch, a definite tease.
A symbol.
For that is what you are doing to me.
Do you know I'm on the other side?
I don't know where I am.
Your thongs hug your curves,
and I follow every line.
Your fingers meet my eyes here,
and the fabric gives way.
Do you know I'm watching?
Is this show for me or for you?
Nimble fingers eventually burrow
deep in your thighs.
How I wish them to be mine.
Your beautiful face tells me what they do.
Do you know I'm watching?
Do you think about me?
No sound, but I hear your
moans of ecstasy, with my eyes.
Finished! Another great performance.
Do you know I'm watching?
Did you know I was?
Do I?


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