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Earth Goddess
by Solar Dragon

I see her as more than ornamental beauty to her world.
She is beautiful and much more, she is life.
Beauty had never found such functionality as it lived in her.
She breathed and the skies cleared.
She feared and mountains trembled.
She loved and touched and all was happy and content.
Her hair captured the colors of all natures beauties.
Colors combining with her to make mortals fall to their knees in an attempt to worship her.
This lady inspired awe but what she really wanted was strength from the Soul
and for her people to rise through it.
Her man was her needed opposite,
strong, wise and fair like her.
Not beautiful like a woman but masculine like she imagined he would be for her.
The male and female cum together in her world.
She feels so sure she created him,
he feels so sure he created her.
In a universe balanced by the poet and his words the two became real.
It seems a poet was her man.
She searched this magic box looking for things to confirm woman and nature.
A connection obsessed over through out time.
Civilizations rose and fell with an understanding of that connection.
Intern she found herself a man that could put words to that search.
Identify a connection he did and she knew it.
There was a quality of love in all this.
One could almost touch it, smell it in her world as she read her poet mans words.
Reading these words to herself she could feel once again like she knew magic.
Her ability to create was juiced and nourished with words that were meant to do just that.
Love for some is maybe too strong a word for this union so young.
Love of the spirit of her desire is not too strong a word.
With no doubt and total clarity the poet was sure he identified love.
This Earth Goddess was a Dragon Lady and she burned with that which connected flesh and spirit.

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