The Best Erotic Stories.

Erotic Rhapsody
by Intoxyc8me

Tantalizing thoughts of you
drifting through my mind

Your hand sifting through my hair
as I slowly, strip before you ...becoming bare

Your lips against my ear
dancing erotic kisses
Circling until I can no longer
bare it.

Gazing into the deep,
dazzling, essences of your soul.

Slowly, simmering, from the touch
of your fingers trailing feather kisses
against my breast
Pinching, licking, teasing, slightly blowing
until you see arousal

My body arching in anticipation
for the union that is ours

Your sword I hold within my hand
and gently guide it to my sheath
laying beneath you

Ecstasy, beyond our wildest belief
Seducing me with your charming wiles
as your body glides with mine.

Bringing upon that magic moment
that you feel pure bliss
Your body upon mine
bringing me to the brink of euphoria.

Pulling your tongue inside,
as I taste your succulent juices
dancing with mine.
Your sweetness is so divine

Our bodies swaying to the delicate rhapsody
as our hands become one.
The tempo increasing,
the climate raging out of control
as you cum with me and make me whole.
Your arms embrace me
laying me along side.
Drifting off to dream land.
Only to find you no where near.

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