The Best Erotic Stories.

E/S Love
by EbonVoice

I am hosed down, wet down
dripping on cold sheet metal
when you anoint me
with your lightning

Your voltage
choking down my scream
turning my hair to ash
burning out cerebrum
and cerebellum
'til all I can do
is shake, spasm
and say, "Damn, baby."

My lids open through
electricity haze
pupils dilating to discern
the high priestess of the tarot
onyx eyes of Isis
hair of black satin
lips like heroin
tongue like a devil's deal
arms of Shiva caressing me
making me wag back and forth
like a one-eyed metronome
drooling and crying
for your kiss.

I live my days
seeking out light bulbs
and power lines
for a taste of you
lick transistor batteries
for a faint whisper
of what you plugged me into
last night
that charged ion/photon glow

static arcs and pelvic clouds
rain down on me
beat me down and roll me over
to stick my finger in the socket again.


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