The Best Erotic Stories.

by Savannah Skye

Touch me
Touch me upon my skin
With your soft, sensual, wandering fingertips
Until my skin dances with pure ecstatic pleasure

Trace me
Trace me out of the colors of your imagination
With your mind full of fantasies that will leave no line undrawn
Until there is no space between where you and I exist

Feel me
Feel me feel you as we feel each other
With our burning skin wrapped around each other touching on ecstasy
Until our bodies meld into one

See me
See me as I stand naked before you
With all my vulnerabilities exposed for you to see
Until you attend to me with all our hidden desires

Hear me
Hear me breathe deep into your soul
With a breath so deep it penetrates your whole being
Until our breath simultaneously becomes singular

Taste me
Taste me full bodied and flavored
With all of passion's seasoned spices
Until your sexual palate is ready to enjoy me

Eat me
Eat me as you would a soft, succulent peach
With it's juicy, sweet flavor there for you to savor
Until you taste my sweetness on the tip of your tongue

Drink me
Drink me as I drink you
With our mouths swallowing whole
Until we empty each other of bliss' sweet release

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