The Best Erotic Stories.

by Jennifer O. Kinney

Thoughts wandering
Stadium seating in a chemical world
Can't stay focused
Picturing, no, feeling
Events of this fresh morning
Fingers inside me
Pulling me apart
Pushing the lust clear inside me
Touching my skin
I feel your hands instead of mine
Your breath against my thigh
Swirling, hot, fast
As your tongue meets me in doorways unimaginable
Smoothing rough edges
Roughening smooth edges
Breaking virginal boundaries
And creating immaculate areas of your own
Tasting strawberry mischief in vanilla chastity
I find it almost impossible not to cry out in this room
So maddening knowing your close
So far
Your mouth meeting my mouth
The taste of your tongue
Feeling humanity race through me
Simplicity, complexity, us
Wet, pure, calm, ecstatic, enrapturing perfection
Eyes watering
Sex melting
Body burning into dust
The dust and sparkle of your eyes
Because I read the wrong chapter
Because your body is not inside mine
Wrapping my ethereal flesh around your kith, your making
You mentioned rocking and violence
But nothing physical could compare to the quake in my soul
You rupture me
Beyond our bodies
Beyond our existence
You took science and rewrote it
You fused us.
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