The Best Erotic Stories.

Fade Away Minx
by Lara H.

It's in the way she moves, curling around an invisible pole;
soft sultry smoke whispers in slow deliberate feeling.
Amber eyes hidden by darkened shades
a minx set above room temperature, ready to set your soul ablaze.
" Ain't no sunshine" softly plays amid a crowded room; Yet
she's dancing just for you, her muscular limbs bending, contorting to your will,
she pulls her high-back wooden chair from offstage; centre-stage, only for you.

It's in the way she moves, spiralling her flesh around this wooden lover;
hard chiselled legs in which she slides through and around.
Tanned, toned thighs, if only to have her wrap them around you instead.
Beads of perspiration can be seen in droplets that seek to enter;
curves of her body, folds of her flesh, if only you could be those droplets, you muse.
Slowly she begins to suckle on her fingers, gently her lips find the base of her index,
running her smooth lips up and down, she has you caught in her web, she wants to abuse.

It's in the way she moves, arching her back to balance upon her hands; legs
parting as a horizon, how lucky that sun is to rise from such an ocean.
She straddles her lover, grinding down upon his lap: moans escape from your lips,
her attention caught, she peers over her glasses to see who she inspired with her hips.
Down on all fours, she slithers, slides, her way too your table; Unable to breathe
her tongue runs along her lips, motioning to the ice in your drink for her to have,
you pass it to her by your own mouth, tongues briefly touching, pulse racing, blood pumping.

It's in the way she moves, away from your tongue, centre-stage;
stage-right her mirror image enters, dressed with thigh-high boots
two dancers have your sole attention.
They move in time, they move entwined, using each other as the crowd uses them,
your dancer passes the ice to her sister in gift.
An embrace that surpasses that of the one you briefly hard; slow, passionate embrace
how they both love the liquid-ice that leaves no trace.

Disappointed are you, to find that she never danced for you; only you.
Her sister leads her away from the stage,
as "Ain't no sunshine" slowly fades away...

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