The Best Erotic Stories.

Frenzied Offerings
by Jennifer O. Kinney

I close my eyes
and I see more than possible impossibilities
habit-forming desires
pulsing me into a trance
entranced by you.

thousands of miles
road blocks
opening minds
opening hearts
opening bodies
oh, the fierce darkening
envelopes me
in a twisted umbilical cord of wanton need

mere voices
scientific, yet maddening
feasting upon me
within me
having a way only the metaphysical could
as if you were in front of me
a touch, a kiss, an ember
you wrap your body in vines, intertwining
inside me
creating pools of fortunate vanity

cold forbidden
only the blistering heat allowed
caressing me
between the cotton sheets
feeling every impression
drawing every curl of your legs
painting my moans of pleading
writing your needy smile
as you kiss
kiss my everything
and eat my soul
as you tear my legs apart

entering my mind as blissfully
as you left it
quickly, slowly
however you interpret this language
this need
this taste of throbbing
anyway to get closer to be
inside of you
above you
around you

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