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Flight of the Eagle
by CRaZy

You took me on my fledgling flight
Across time and space
Expanse of ocean no barrier
As you kindly, patiently
Soothed my severed wings
So I too could soar above the heavens
Screaming/white light/approaching the zenith
Ecstasy at last is mine.

I wish it had been your eyrie
Safe haven in another place
Where we had met so you could
Show your wisdom
Slowly stroke my untouched feathers
Watch me hover breathlessly in mid-air
Clutching/naked heat/lost in the aurora
Pinnacle reached in unison.

Yet I am content to glide with you
Now and then at your own pace
A corner in your nest for me
Indulging my fantasy
With glimpses of your landscape
For I know if we had flown together
Sobbing/glowing spectrum/selfish passion
Would leave me without a friend.


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