The Best Erotic Stories.

by Silkyheat

I look at you in a shy way
you smile because you understand
"It's OK," you say,
"Eventually we all stray from man."

Your lips, so soft and sweet
touch mine, sending a tingle
I'm rooted in shock and wonder
as our tongues collide and mingle

My hands move unbidden
exposing and stroking your breasts
Rolling and pulling pink nipples
into full and tight aching crests

My lips move to taste them
my tongue circling, pushing with licks
Hand now itching to feel you
finding the softness surrounding your clit

As your mouth closes over my own breast
my juices begin to flow
And as your hand awakens my beaded pearl
the sweetest sensations I know

I pull my hand from you
and slowly lick my fingers clean
Then kneeling down before you
I spread you open and lick between

My tongue follows your curves
and dips into and nibbles the skin
Delving deeply for your flavor
the hot sweetness hiding within

You move away, toward the bed
I follow, and we lie at opposite ends
I lose myself in your glory
when I feel you licking within

Ohh, God I just can't take it
you're touching every nerve, making me so high
I explode into a thousand happy fragments
thrusting and sucking until I hear your cries

Side by side now, touching tenderly
sharing with kisses the tastes we found
I smile and tell you I'm glad we're friends
and I hope you'll always be around


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