The Best Erotic Stories.

Fine Sand
by WriterDom

Fine sand like tiny pearls glisten in the sunlight
the waves crash
a diagonal rush of roaring sound

the water laps at painted toenails
for a moment I'm jealous of the sea
wishing I could lick your silky thigh

but for now we walk along the beach
sandpipers scurry on toothpick legs
gulls cry out across the salty air

a hand so delicate
our fingers interlocked
your smile brilliant as the sun

I watch as you pick a shell
enticing curves against a linear sea
surrounded by all this beauty

I see only you
still you captivate me
my mind rushes ahead to the night

to chilled wine and slow dancing
to prolonged kisses
the feel of flesh and taste of woman

only the full moon peeks through the blinds
as the night lingers until dawn
and we sleep cuddled like kittens


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