The Best Erotic Stories.

by Lara H.

Eluded yet swept up by the essence you have left,
Timeless Goddess of the Night,
floating aimlessly on a never-ending canvas;
Evoked have I become by the pleasure of your sheer sight;
& how she loved to walk by the orchards,
holding hands with Volupta;
Loving the moment as they are caught by vines against the pillars of heaven,
tied against each other in flesh,
imprisoned by shades of canopy under duress.
Whisper unto the Goddess gentle creatures,
kisses soft; tender, silent sighs no more,
the tendrils are brushed from thine eyes;
believe me when I say, thee never looked lovelier...
Lost for sweet words to express such a sight beholden only to me;
The swelling of both thy breasts have me enthralled,
forgive me of this intrusion gone unnoticed,
hypnotic flames have me chained to ivory walls.
Seductive dance of Goddess stand entwine,
how they become one as they are of the pleasure divine;
caress of arms, shoulders, neck & lips by fingertips
sculptured by artists of old,
where do I look if I should look upon the face of heaven?
forbidden though it was, how could I not?
Their flesh tangled around their legs,
their legs around, hands lay on inner thighs.
Parting bliss, escapes my lips as a sigh
I strain to be closer yet held back by the chains of fire,
if only I could have their desire.
Goddess of the pearl moon how angelic thee appears,
with your golden hair dishevelled,
as Volupta goes down on her knees,
head thrown back as your lover's hand's slide down from your neck;
Under thy silky rounded tear-drops across your heart-shaped belly
smooth along your hips, brought behind ... to bring you closer.
Untamed are you , wild and free,
How I wish you would turn & see me;
to behold my constrained pleasure how you torment me so,
She's in so deep, I see it upon thy face,
thy lips quiver, thy body shivers.
Temptation hast proven too much,
the moment has be created into a water-fall of never-ending pleasure,
my screams of relief awaken you both to my presence;
standing ashamed, wondering of my fate
I stand amid over-growth & tombs.
Thy she-devils walk towards me in haste,
I fall to my knees & pray to thy Goddess
my last breath taken with thy body flesh in my sights,
if only I could reach out & touch thy darkened nights................
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