The Best Erotic Stories.

Gin and Tonic
by Samiel Dracul

I feel your lips so soft, against mine, your smile is most enchanting. I see your eyes, I love thier shine, I'm lost inside the whole thing. I lick your neck, I bite down good, I feel your soft moan.

I take you in my arms, I lick over your breasts, I suck your sweet nipples, like cherries. I run my mouth over you, I savor your taste, I make you my meal, I lick up every strawberry.

I bury my tounge in you, I lick your warm clit, I suck on your labia, I nibble your slit. I feel I'm in heaven, there's nothing more hynotic, than being drunk off your body, your my gin and tonic.

I bury myself deep into you, I relish in your cries, I run my claws along your spine, your body never lies.

The thunder outside, the pouring rain, gives me my rythm, and I feel your juices, I feel your power, as I drench your soft, slick inner walls, I pour myself into your flower.


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