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Good Morning Smile
by Silkyheat

Good morning...join me in a shower?
plenty of hot water, we could play for an hour
I could soap you up and rub you down
First your back, then turn you around
Ooooh what's that there, a surprise for me?
You're so sweet, thank you, let me see...
Oh yes, I'm happy with the gift, hon
Oh really? He's ready for some fun?
Hey, what are you doing? mmmm, that sponge feels good
No, please continue, oh, yes you should
That much rubbing there? well, it does feel nice
yes, I'm ready to go for a ride
Wow, you really have me pinned to the wall
what? no, I'm not complaining at all
Ohhh god, you're moving too slow
c'mon baby, let your love show
Yes! that's better...let me grab your shoulders
yeah, that's funny, my tits are hand holders?
Ooooh pull those nipples, yes they are hard
Oh my God, your teeth are so sharp
No, it feels good...don't you dare stop
ahhhh, I'm so near the top
Yes, I want you to stroke me hard
baby, I'm losing it - I'm falling apart
Ohhh yes, fuck me hard now!
do you feel me cumming? Oh, and how!
I want your cum inside me, yes I would
give it to me like you should
Mmmmm, yes I'm squeezing you tight
I'm glad you like it. oh, is that right?
Well, cum in me baby, yes, I feel it's strong
No, I'm just relaxing, there's nothing wrong
Mmmmmm, yes, lets lie down for a while
I may take a nap, with a bit of a smile


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