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Her Radiant Horizon
by Steele414

And I looked away from her
feeling the passion intense like heat on a
summer night
Her power of seduction unmatched by any other
Those words she spoke with desire and longing
Made me feel like uniting with her, as one, on the
sand as the salty ocean water made its way back and forth
Her eyes like crystal blue kingdoms of old made me realize paradise
existed beyond this world
To push myself in and be one with her was the ultimate goal for me
Her brown hair of silk and her fragrance, that was sweeter than
roses and orchids combined, made me want her more and more
So when the tension boiled over, I took her at last
and upon the emerald carpet of grass in the golden meadows, I made her mine
I wanted it all and took it in
The bliss, the ecstasy, the fulfillment when two souls unite as is
a breathless endeavor
and so as I felt the passion burn like a wildfire in the woods...I made my
way to her whom awaited me with open arms
I went in deep and found myself there...upon her radiant horizon


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