The Best Erotic Stories.

Her Touch
by Tru Poet

Her hands placed on my skin, they were so soft,
My body was at first chilled, then the warmth of comfort set it,
Then I felt her sweet lips as she kissed down my body,
But the pleasure just built up more when she ran her tongue down my body.
She pulled out my cock and placed it in her mouth,
Sucking on it, the feeling was driving me nuts, but I loved it,
Her tongue ran up its shaft, then she sucked on the tip of its head,
Her touch was unbearable, so I felt that she had to feel mine.
Though it was not over, as she came up, kissing me passionately,
I loved the taste of her sweet lips, her tongue was so sweet.
She rode me, and I loved her all of her orgasms, as my touch also got to her.


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