The Best Erotic Stories.

In a Haze
by Mia Love

In a haze.
Total trance
Feel my heart
Start to dance.

Eyes are locked
Can't look away
Hard to breath
No words to say

The temperature rises
From within
Getting closer
To taking you in

Reaching out
Touching you
Imagine the pleasure
From all we will do.

Feeling you
press against me
Bodies entangled
Complete ecstasy.

Moaning softly
Short of breath
Slide it in
To my deepest depth

Feeling you
Inside of me
You pump it hard
I get dizzy.

It feels so good.
It feels so right.
Fuck me now
And all night.

Cum inside me
White, and hot
Don't pull out
I want every shot.

Fuck me hard
And fuck me deep,
Until our bodies
Collapse in a heap.


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