The Best Erotic Stories.

Innocence, am I ?
by Lara H.


Tongue, runs along mine.
Tip ........ to ............. tip
skin that turns me blind.

Wither for not of want,
blow that smoke ring boy.
Lay your head upon the crest of the wave,
drink, devour, decay, deflower.

Vestal Virgin, yes me; am I.
Turn around innocence,
dance till the end of time.

Seductive slithering dance of flesh,
all this merely whispered,
How proud you stand when your undressed.

Fingertips to feel and breathe,
Nipples in mouth; closed eyes yet
with what do you see?

My way is exploration,
for you see this is all new.
I want to be of you, surround you, in and out and down;
blush oh my, I feel so blissfully high.

Laughter under water,
how melodic does it sound?
A smile of lust, a smile of inexplicable trust.


Escape of sigh,
rush of air to bring me pleasure to die by.

If I dance in rhythm,
could you feel that heart-beat drum?
The one that I live by,
the one that will eternally have me come.

Escape of sigh,
never the vestal that you thought;
so much more, yet only the once you'll ever had.

For I have evolved into something much more,
a wanton woman of the flesh,
ready to have and explore you all.

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