The Best Erotic Stories.

In Grateful and Loving Tribute
To My Husband

Twenty-Second Installment in the Latina Series of Erotic Stories
by Latina

The other morning, I awakened to find my husband sleeping face-up beside me, his naked cock semi-rigid as he slept. I couldn't resist climbing on top of him, straddling him, and riding him. That woke him up REAL fast! As I rode him, and he kisssed and nibbled my nipples, I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and swooned into a daydream. That's when inspiration hit me to write a poem in loving tribute to my husband, but a poem with an odd twist. Instead of rhyming each line, I decided to use alliteration, where the last word of each line in a stanza has the same consonants and only the VOWEL is different. The following poem is the result of that inspiration. I don't know what it says about how my mind works, but the FIRST "rhyme" to inspire me is the fourth stanza: slot, slit, and SLUT!

-- Latina

* * * * *

Your gentle hands slowly slide my skimpy panties off, as to
the floor they silently drop.
Your probing fingers massage my fleshy folds; my quivering
pussy starts to drip.
Your kiss and lick me so hotly, so sweetly, until my
trembling knees buckle and droop.

While on my knees, my lips enfold you; eagerly your shaft I
slowly, sweetly suck.
Licking joyously, I dream of pleasures yet to be, just you
and me, together again in the sack.
You throb, you explode, as rapidly I gulp; in sweaty,
breathless lust, I now turn feverishly sick.

For in all my fifty years, I've known no lover, half as
good to me as you in bed.
You love me so sweetly, you treat me so right--no wonder I
do whatever you bid.
When I'm with you, I can't help acting naughty, I become a
woman who is OH so bad!

Now eagerly my slick walls engulf you; my dewy folds widen
to a round and gripping slot.
You press and thrust so deeply, you pulse so sweetly, as I
welcome you into my juicy slit.
I moan, we come. Proudly I become what love has made me:
your wife, your lover, you very own slut.

I sigh, content to rest my hand upon your love-soaked
crotch, my head above your beating heart.
Your loving arms embrace me, your sweet kisses gently
soothe away a long work-day's hurt.
Tenderly I whisper "I love you, my husband, I love you,
with all of my body, soul, and heart."


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