The Best Erotic Stories.

Intoxicating Mist
by MadKing

The mystery of Vanessa ...
Veiled in a mist...
Her word winds
Intoxicate my senses
And tickle my soul....
Billowing in a breeze,
Above uncertain seas
The scent of her essence
Strikes me with a sense to seize....
A wealth of want
Leaves me melting,
Paralyzed upon a pyre,
Pour me into the vessel
Of your burning fire....
Within your sultry summer storm,
We are a tempest of trembling senses
Souls bared of all pretenses,
Quaking quickening hearts race,
Joined in lovers' embrace,
Falling into a river of passion,
Cascading over falls of emotion...
Riding wave after wave,
Until last we reach,
The distant shores of a tranquil beauty...
Yearning never to awaken
Except in the aroma of your intoxicating mist....


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