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I Want Love Chocolate Sex
by Savannah Skye

I see you standing there
With your hair all wild and your eyes ablazed with passion
Full of animal magnetism all the way to the core

I want you
           as much as the air I breathe
                                        and the earth I walk upon...

I want to feel your hands caress my body from head to toe
As well as mine deep inside your grooves
          feeling my way to your ecstasy

I want to feel your tongue lick me from top to bottom
      and inbetween bringing me to the ultimate orgasm
As well as I want to taste you as sweet as chocolate
    deep inside my mouth all the way into my throat

I want to mount your sweet cock and ride it into circular bliss
                                      that neither of us can miss
Then proceed to make love to you in every position that is
                      in or outside the book of love
Til' we cannot move a single muscle
      or sigh another's lover's sigh

For I know that it can unlock
The sweet juices that flow deep inside of me
That are waiting to be released


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