The Best Erotic Stories.

by writer34

Do You Swallow?
Are you bound to please
or built to tease
on your knees...
Do You swallow?
Serve your MASTER
feeding you
suffering from starvation
and neglect.
Have I got the diet for you:
High in protein
no fat
not exactly vegetarian
my big juicy hung aged meat
Do You Swallow?
Suck it all?
Saving your mouth for a rainy day?
Well, baby,
it's fucking raining!
Just open wide and say,
"Feed me."
And your MASTER
will fill you
thrill you
spill in your throat
between my shaking hands
anoit you
suckling swallowing
my blessing.
"Forgive me father,"
whisper to my emptied shaved balls,
"for I am sin."

Sliding my finger
all the way in your puckered
pink young tight asshole,
your little girl's
pussy for me.
I can see
how bad you need
to please me
and tease me
and shudder in spasmodic groaning
screaming orgasm
Either you're my little whore
or you're against me
rubbing me through my jeans
in front of God
and everyone
you show the world
how long and stiff
my forty-six year old cock
becomes helplessly hard for you
all ways.
And don't forget
I haven't even kissed you yet.
Do you swallow?


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