The Best Erotic Stories.

Kicking L.S.D.
(Love's sweet destruction);
or, Putting down this disease

by Endlessly

for Scooter

Nostalgic again for your kisses
of candy-covered heroin
(So sweet and addictive)
Closing my eyes and feeling your hands
Rough silk
Caressing my breasts

Imagining your presence so bittersweet
Chocolate-flavored acid trip
(Sugary destruction)
Tasting tears as I miss you, saltysweet
Drinking them down as if tasting your nectar
One last time

Our entire relationship
One big
Pumping and pushing and fighting with against forward back
Fingernails down backs crying curses and calling on Christ in the same breath
Sensuous slap of will on will
All building towards


But I wipe away tears that echo your taste
Looking back at you forcing myself to break
From this pillar of salt
The only thing I take from you
Your litany of independence
As I put down this disease

And I know the addiction doesn't lie in my mind
(Because I'm done trying to kick myself)
But between your thighs

I've got to walk away
No matter how sweet your words become
Or how potent your moans

If ever you and I were one
Never forget
I was the best part of you
'Until I walked away


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