The Best Erotic Stories.

Kissing You
by WriterDom

Kissing you
full, hard, heavy
a surge of billowy need
rushes through your loins
my hands covet and chase
you undulating movements
naked as your lust
a wet ache screams silently
full breasts, twin pleasures
cool against my three day beard
as I blindly feel with lips
to suckle each
nibble on the firm rose tips
I shift
gather myself below
warm hands ease under your knees
I find you pliant
lithe legs lift
as I bend you backwards
your sex drips like sweet squeezed peach
sweet musk of feminine zeal
of unbridled passion
of wanton craving
my tongue, flat and wide
fiery warm
drinks of your inner being
sucks from an endless brook
fingers squeezed tight
between needy walls
as I write a twisting sonnet
against the hooded throb
till you cry in the stillness
with confectionery moans
begging for me to fuck you


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