The Best Erotic Stories.

by ANiceGuy

As I walked into the club,
my eyes adjusting to the light,
Or lack there of more like.
I saw a flash of red,
And looked upon-
A blonde and ultra curvy girl,
Such a pretty sight,
That just a glimpse had sent,
My love rod straight.

Dancing on the stage,
Sending hearts a flutter.
Lily was her name.

The Prettiest Princess
of the FARE's
Fine fillies
Flirting and Frolicking
All around.

No skinny waif,
In 36 3D glory
Her nipples tell
A story
Of lust filled knights

She cums to me
To chat
(her dancing done)
I ask
About her TAT
The one upon her back
That mesmerizes.

She sits
(On my lap)
And lets me watch it
BACK and Forth
Forth and BACK.

Hypnotized orgasmic
Sparks soon cum
Enraptured by my lust
For Lily
And her triple D's

Would Lily love to feel?
My girlfriend's nipples,
Push against her own
I think and want to know.

Lost in Lily's
Loving arms
I always want
To be.

Sharing friends
(And feelings too.)


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