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Lust and Rage
by Roughyhead

The moon is full.
And wolves do howl.
Rabbits scurry from my path.
Deer's bolt to find escape.
My mind is full of lust and rage.
To find a wench, is a must.
I need to satisfy my desires.
As luck would have it, as is the case.
I come across a winsome maid.
Sweet and innocent, she well may be.
A heaving bosom, and sexy smile.
My prey is found, she has no chance.
One look in my eyes, and she is entranced.
I remove her clothes, with such graceful ease.
Her Lilly white skin, I am well pleased.
Under my bidding she will obey.
My cock she releases into the night air.
She is well pleased as she sinks to her knees.
Her mouth envelops, so warm and wet.
My knees do buckle, and legs give way.
One lust gone, one more to abate.
Down on my back she pushes me hard.
Over my face she does squat.
A wicked smile, I must watch.
Fingers open pussy wide.
The sweet smell of cum, she can not hide.
My tongue snakes out, and licks and slurps.
On my face I have a smirk.
A release of joy escapes her lips.
Her passion spent, I do now rise.
I take her head in gentle hands.
Kisses sweet was my intent.
Blood lust rises, I can't hold back.
My fangs sink deep into her neck.
Her coppery blood, like wine to my lips.
I hold her tight and drink her dry.
A sad end to a beautiful life.


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