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Love is...Love just is...
by Savannah Skye

Love is the birth of a new life
*creation evermore*
- so precious, so loving
Love is the flowers that bloom in spring
- so colorful, so beautiful
Love is as open as the blue sky above us
- so wide, so vast
Love is like the branches of a tree
- always reaching, reaching always

Love is in the living of life
*living evermore*
- so joyful, so playful
Love is the hand that reaches out to you when you need it most
- pull me up, lift me up
Love is the eyes that see beyond the flesh
- beautiful soul, wondrous spirit
Love is the hug that warms your soul
- so loved, loved so

Love is in the real, not in the abstract
*loving evermore*
- so solid, so full
Love is a seeker and a finder
- seek me, find me
Love is a giver, not a taker
- so generous, so generous
Love is the favor you did not ask for
- so nice, so appreciated

Love is freeing, not caging
*being evermore*
- fly free, fly free, fly free
Love is the feeling that sets our souls at peace
- so warm, so loving
Love is the dance that frees us
- to become you, to become me
Love is us in our most natural state of being
- so free, so free

Love does not ask, love just does
For love is all around us us
...above us
...below us
Because love is the answer, not the question

Love just is...
Love is all we know...
Love is all we are...
Love just is...

Love is in the dying and setting the soul free
*dying evermore*
- return, return, return home

Love just is...


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