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Love in the City!
by Instantaneous

Shhh! Can you hear that? The sound. Be still.
Can you feel that? The vibration.
Even in the nothing, we have everything.
Even alone...we are together.
Traffic! Tragic is the way you'd have it.
But, I ain't! You paint a loverly picture, with hands, feet. When can we
meet, arrange my portrait... Draw!
Why you always got to go for the guns? the law! Nah.
I know my rights, what have you left?
Me...alone...then leave.
Breath...Im not waiting to exhale, or escape.
8million stories...What floor you live on?
This is where I get off. Can I call you?
Are you connected. Do you tune in?
When did or do I turn you off? What's your signal?
See my sign. Are you blind?
Watch out!
Don't trip. Why do we stumble in the concrete jungle? Why cant you be Jane,
What's so scary? Boo.
I love you! @first sight..under these city lights.


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