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Lover Lost
by MadKing

In walks my neighbor....
Her heat melts my heart,
Sometimes a tease, always a fantasy....
She casually sits,
The sizzle of her steam,
Which I've so longed to see,
Barely covered under a short black skirt;
Tasty tan legs ask me why?
The torture I love,
My lust to taste....

She asks for some tablecloths,
Company's coming;
She isn't prepared....
A tear in her eye,
Her legs slowly cross;
My voice quivers,
I'm at a loss....

She's seen me watch
So many times...
Not afraid to flirt...
From a distance....
The distance now seems a vapor
Gone in the midst of her loss....

Her long tan legs
Cross slowly again;
Her eyes fix upon me,
Peering at an excitement
Clothes can't disguise....

Falling into a tornado,
The fuse to my lust ablaze,
Lips unite, we touch all over;
Her skirt lifts to nothing underneath,
My sighs greet her moans
While her wetness I stroke....

This ain't no love,
Or tender moment;
An explosive passion to fuck
Consumes our race to the bed;
Pursuing the ultimate tease,
A tease into her tunnel that
Can only please....

To the bed knocking on the floor;
The urgency of squeaky springs
Sweat pouring
Pounding harder
A natural choreography reigns....
Deeper with each thrust
We quiver into an orbit
Edging closer to
The chasm of ecstasy;
Oblivious, I pound harder
Her sighs sing higher,
We hold tighter,
Our bodies explode
In a celebration of heat;
Dancing across a volcano,
And diving in the sun's pool
Could only cool the molten heat
Of coming inside such a treat....

We fall asleep
In exhaustion's heap;
Awake hours later,
I still see her tear...
I hold her tight all through the night,
Salving the wound
Left by her lover lost....


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