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Love's Manacles
by Eve's Demise

Weathered Leather grazes my skin.
I lie here, poised for dominance.
Knowing not how long it's been;
Time is of small relevance.

Cold steel bathes my back.
Echoes of silence I pray--fade away.
A tethered pet awaiting attack;
I hold my trembling tears at bay.

He appraches my prone, naked form.
I thank the gods that he is near.
His first light touch on me is warm,
Yet through my dampened skin, his fingers sear.

Many times this sacred rite
Has led me to this very point.
He buries himself in me, winning the fight.
And with my tears in his hands--my soul to annoint.

The world of this simple slave
Means little if anything
Without His love then to save
Me and all that his discipline brings.


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