The Best Erotic Stories.

Lovers of the Unreal
by Savannah Skye

The sky opens up and cries
She cries tears of rain
While the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars
Make out-of-this-world love inbetween the stars
Out of a passion that they did not feign

In the distance you can hear the thunder
  and see the lightning dance across the sky
A visual sound nowhere but in Mother Nature is it to be found
Like the primal lovers Tarzan and Jane
Who made wild love in the rain
From the core of a passion that could not lie

Just as it clears
The sun starts to appear
Like the Biblical lovers Adam and Eve
Who made sweet love beneath the leaves
With a pure passion that had no fear

Finally when these two lovers of nature crossed
  - the sun and the rain -
They brought on a beautiful rainbow that spread across the horizon
 that displayed all the wondrous colors
  the earth brings into us
In some shape or form
Before we were given birth
Into this amazing hearth


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