The Best Erotic Stories.

Lonesome Soul

For Shawn

Alone, I stand on the sand, apart from everyone.
The salty taste of dying romance on my tongue.
Inhaling the passion of the wind,
Surrounded by life, yet alone, I am
As the pearly seashell I reach out to save,
Both of us helplessly thrown by a harsh wave.
But the seashell is not alone as I thought,
Suddenly there are thousands and thousands about.
Shouting and taunting and roaring so fierce,
I cover my ears but their message is clear.
Mocking the sorrowful songs of my spirit
They taunt me and tease me 'til I must confront it.
Oh Lady Be Good but I can't 'less you're near.
Someone to Watch Over Me but no one is there.
How Long Has This Been Going On but it's over and done.
They Can't Take That Away From Me but it's already gone.
Embraceable You but you I can't feel.
Our Love is Hear to Stay but it is not real.
Who Cares?
They All Laughed

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