The Best Erotic Stories.

by Endlessly

I can still smell the lavender on my hands
Soft and warm from the massage lotion
And I can still feel your chest under my hands
Skin warming to my touch and coming to life
..Slipping to your nether regions
Warming to my touch and coming to life
And the taste
Creamy salty lavender-sweet
Lost in a slipperysoft world of tactile sensations
Drowning in my senses and your sighs
(With no wish to save myself)
And I think of you
Abdominal muscles packing beneath my fingertips
Slippery and smelling of lavender
Tracing exotic patterns of desire on sculpted flesh
Tongue following its path and beyond
..And below
Even now I can smell the lavender on my hands
("Heavenly" you called it)
And tentatively darting my tongue to graze my palm
Still tasting creamy salty lavender-sweet
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