The Best Erotic Stories.

by Guy Atbar

What I would do for you
Is beyond my ability to describe
What I would do to you
Would be for me to decide
Open your mind, I'm coming in
Open your legs, Feel my sin
The world for us is just beginning

Is it wrong to lust?
Did I betray your trust?
Why do you stare at me this way?
Did I hurt your pride?
When I came inside?
Why did you beg me to stay?

Me, I don't deserve you
Not even a moment of your time
To think that I could serve you
Wasn't the beginning of my crime
Still, I dared to look upon you
I defile you with my gaze
I wouldn't hesitate to use you
In all the most peculiar ways

There is so much I could teach you
If I were given half a chance
I know my heart could reach you
In a sick Satanic trance
And if you would let me
I will give you all of my love

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