The Best Erotic Stories.

by Romeo Blue

Looking through the open door
I see you naked on the floor
He's behind, you're on all fours,
I love it, show me more.

He holds you strongly in his hands
I begin to wonder what he plans
then still entwined, you two stand
and oh, I see, he's quite a man.

I see the numerous variations
the way he achieves penetration
and as I watch each gyration
I'm filled to bursting with...elation.

This I had often prayed to see
to know all that you could be
there's one thing missing, the key,
I had prayed it would be with me.

Then suddenly a scare,
you look over and see me there,
you lick your lips and you stare
while asking if he'd like to share.

I'm lost in lust, I'm trippin',
so quickly I get to strippin',
your mind in ecstasy is flippin',
your body in ecstasy is drippin'.

He and I, your body we praise,
as your temperature we raise,
Oh, the new trails we blaze,
we make you cum for days and days.

Hugging, kissing, sex and bliss,
all of that and some of this.
Take our time, so nothing we'll miss,
kiss, hug, sex, sex, hug, kiss.

He and I, we two dare,
we handle your body with so much flair,
we lay out your body, bare,
and kiss you there, and there.

We treat you like a whore,
we bring the sea to the shore,
we leave you wet and sore,
and we leave you begging for more.

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