The Best Erotic Stories.

My Obsession
by Melissa Mohn

Our eyes meet
My inner longing for you is fed I need you on me
You seductively smile Red lipstick
Your pouty lips Oh my god! I can't control myself.
You are gorgeous the smooth, gentle curves of your body.
I want to be your lover...
Let me be your lover...
Many nights I have spent with you in thought Lust for you is far behind me.
This has turned to obsession I need you.
Listen... hear that?
That is me...
My breath is shortened by simply looking at you
Please m'lady...
Can I have just one go around?
Blow your husband off...
Spend one night...HOUR with me. let me show you how I could take care of you
Let me show you how I could satisfy any sexual desire.
I came, I come, Come here Let me in To your love games...
The way you tease me from afar...
Getting the nerve to approach
Who is that guy? You smile?
You leave with him...
He is not your husband!
I am again left to please myself
But that isn't THAT bad...
At this bar... there is always a tomorrow.


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