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My Vision for You
by Indy Dark

The vision of me behind you, with my face nuzzled in your hair,
Is a vivid picture to me, as if I were standing there.
But there is more to this than meets the eye,
There is more to this I can see.
To explain it all to you is quite a risk to me.

It all takes place in a cage of glass that reaches to the sky,
A picture of an elevator... in my minds keen eye.
Alone together, upward as we go,
A scene of snow, it's Christmas time,
with a city all aglow.
A simple little nuzzle, innocent at first...
A toss of your head back though,
Releases an unquenchable thirst.
There is something swelling between us,
A fire that just won't rest.
The pane of glass is frozen,
Yet it melts upon your chest.
Your silk blouse is against it,
How cold it surely must be,
But it's the heat of passion that burns it,
Manifested in you and me.

Your erogenous zones are burning,
And I want you to know this;
It is You who turns to face me,
And draws me to a kiss.
My knees are suddenly weakened,
Yet every muscle is taut,
Who cares if the doors now open,
And suddenly we are caught.

I am restraining my passion,
But alas it's to no avail,
I raise your skirt above your thighs,
And lift you upon the rail.
We are as close as we can get right now,
Separated by only a few strands,
Your kiss is deep and passionate,
And there is electricity in your hands.
This rocket stops at the penthouse door,
And we are one where two once stood,
I carry you across the threshold,
As only a gentle man could.

The penthouse is dark and warm,
Lit only by the roaring fire,
Look deep into my eyes,
And study the raging desire.
Gently laid upon a sea of furs,
Your eyes are fixed on mine.
Clothes fall about the place,
our bodies intertwine.
The pace is slow and easy,
No need to hasten the end.
My spirit is now soaring;
my face is in the wind.

Dawn brings soft light,
As only the morning can.
How pleasant is your touch,
And the softness of your hand.
You can not deny your intentions,
You are purposely stoking the fire.
I've had full measure of all your pleasure,
Yet I'm swelling with desire.

We'll shower together near mid day,
How sweet has been your caress.
We'll towel each other off,
And I'll help you with your dress.
We venture forth on this gray cold day,
Wearing a smile against the wind.
We are oblivious to the cold, you and I,
Warmed by the fire within.

If you were here right now and the world just went away....
I would love you like no other and that's all I care to say.

Written for a friend,

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