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Night's Journey Into Dawn
by Magic Man

Silently thinking of you, conjuring images,
prompting your movement and you glide
behind me reaching around to cover quietly
my cheek with one hand and slide the other
into my shirt through the soft hair there
to my tummy and back up pausing at my chest
to tease, a gasp of air caught noiseless in my throat
this magic you have for me grows stronger all the time.

I always wonder at the touch of your voice and hands.
What cosmic spark must reside there in this
goddess angel to move me so.
We've loved before but each time is new
and joyous, a journey to a place
we've never been before.

Skin shining, two bodies come together this night.
You pull me into you softly giving birth to my soul.
Your heat washes over and around me
inflaming my mind, body stiff and tense like hard
coiled metal ready to plunge deeply into you, yet
easing in for your comfort and you rock me forward and back.

Raised on hands and forearms braced each side of you,
keeping my weight from you, but more to watch your face,
eyes shut tight and opened wide, brows twitch, and lips quiver
with the moment's pleasure, you curl your wrists and hands
just around my bottom to pressure me at precise intervals.
My arms become weary.

I slow for a time, almost stop, to delay the urgency
rising within me. Lowering now my torso gently
onto you, breasts lightly brushing me, shocking my chest.
Before you I had dust on my heart, untouched and undisturbed
for centuries. Now I remember how you taste, like summer,
how you smell and the sound of your whisper when I love you.

This night's love unwraps like a precious gift, unhurried and slowly,
senses marveling at the fleshes' wonders, of you and me.
Outside we hear the legs of the crickets sing their chorus
while we slowly tangle inside, arms and legs wrapped
loosely and soothingly caressing each other.

Knees parting you received my mouth's embrace
moments before, for me to taste and drink, and hear your moan
signal the body's shudder that is your first of the night, your shoulders
hunched forward to guide my kisses to your center,
I take sustenance from you, this woman's scent and flavor
reminding me why I live. Now your hips open for my body, taking me into
you, raising and tilting upward at your bottom, while I move down and in
pausing in you before pulling back, feeling the gentle sucking of you,
perfectly formed around me.

Now your hands lightly touch my face, one on each side, my hands,
both behind your head and neck, and we kiss, a kiss of love
and truth and hope and awe, deep and long this kiss, interrupted
by another tremble from your soul, this one longer, and then
tailing off, to be replaced soon by another, and then where one ends
and another starts we don't know. You gasp words I want to hear
rushing from your lips to me, cleansing my heart and my mind.

Bodies touching at all points filling the spaces between us,
I feel it now, the tightening in my loins, and a surge, jolting through
me, all senses somehow combined to create one, focused, intensified,
magnificent sense within me, mind no longer present, smell, taste, touch,
sight, hearing all ... one. And bliss never known, this new place again,
establishing us for all time, together, and for the first time ... again.
It's always the first time for us.

My ears return slowly in time to hear your cry, not with your voice,
but another part of you, your breath gone, struggling for air, as I am.
We've melted into each other, washed away, spent and limp save
part of me, drained but wanting to remain, still convulsing inside you.
And peace, contentment like none that exists on this or any other world.

Two stilled bodies, shining, which one is which?
Touching, caressing one another, passing our souls fro and to,
exchanging warmth from our bellies, wet against each other,
adjusting ourselves, hands clasped together, wrapped palms inward
as if in dance, held close to our breast, our body.
And it might happen again this night, or we might drift into sleep,
and dream sweetly and gently, softly bound to the other for now.


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