The Best Erotic Stories.

No Time For Remorse
by BluesmanII

Intoxicating wine leaves me nearly reeling,
Sensations aroused, your touch has me feeling.
Those erogenous endings of nerves now awakened,
As we entwine, lovers, now taking.

Curves of your breasts arise slow in an arc,
Your back arches elegantly in the near dark,
Thighs all allowing, my urgency surges,
Your breath comes much faster, as flesh and flesh merges.

How many moments, how long can we linger?
Thoughts pass through us, finger to finger.
Nothing but carnal fulfillment to ponder,
Seeking the peak of this endless wonder.

The night envelopes our sin and our pleasure.
Each leaves remorse for some time of leisure.
We fully surrender to yearnings, erotic.
Accepting with relish, this dark narcotic.

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