The Best Erotic Stories.

Only a Dream
by Magic Man

I awakened to see your face
above mine.. inches away,
close enough to feel the warmth of lips
slightly opened drawing breath and releasing it,
far enough away to see your face and shoulders
and neck and breasts at the bottom of my eyes.

Somehow in my sleep, you quietly and softly
so as not to wake me, raised your body over mine
gently lowered yourself to me, touching me there with
your bottom, hardening me in my slumber... and
captured me, sliding me deeply into your hips until
you filled yourself with me and filled me with you.

Now my eyes opening at the wet gift you bestow upon
my waiting soul.. I see behind your eyes the unspoken
words you whisper to me, tender and pure.
No sounds from you come, save the melody of your throat
when tiny gasps escape as you take me deeper into you.

Your face closer now to mine, but eyes still connected
to my own, unwilling either of us to look away from
love's light warming us continually and the voices
of our gaze urging us further into each other's soul.
Paradise awaits.

Finally your pace quickens and hips rush to fill themselves
with me again and again and again and again;
I feel the rise within me, my stomach and loins first, then
all of me in waves, the back of my head tightening, starting to tingle,
my hands gripping your bottom, pulling at you, arms
pistoning in short staccato strokes.

O my god I watch your eyes tear into me, inside me,
I've never shown before, your lids flutter once, then twice,
and again, and open wide as if you see the totality for a moment
and are awed by it, then closed.
The muscles in your neck and shoulders tighten
and the skin in your face becomes taut, as I release,
my mind numb with pleasure, joyous chemicals soothing
my brain, I hear the keening from your throat, low at first then
rising higher and higher as you too feel the waves
that transport you ... into us.

I hear your voice, face lowered next to mine, screaming into me,
tears dropping from my eyes, to the pillow behind, at the joy
this woman loving me brings.

Your body contorts, back rising and falling from my view,
thighs squeezing me, your center crushing into me in
spasms as you finish, now slowing, our hips still twitching with
the aftershock until all is quiet once more.

When I wake again, feeling the slick moisture of me
and the wet pillow behind my head and you on me still,
my fingers running lightly down your back.
Then you are gone, this woman I know and don't know,
but love no matter.. unconditional and free.
What I know is you are here, not here, but here,
with me, inside of me, inside of you, I am too.
Here with you now.


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