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Ode to College Beauty
on a Warm Spring Day

by Havocman

Where do they come from
These nimble young sprites
Their hair in the wind flowing
Their laughter like crystal rain
As they stroll by me unknowing
The fires their passage flames
Their soft creamy skin glowing
Like the most precious porcelain
Hips swaying gently side to side
Thighs rubbing sweetly together
As they mount library steps swiftly
Skirts caught by breezes lifted
Showing glimpses of paradise
To the well traveled eye
Nymphs prancing about gaily
Tempting unwary mortals
Like Shakespearean characters
Playing havoc with men's hearts
Lingering on the quad grasses
On blankets or upon jackets
Deep in study or teasing
All males with the simple
Act of eating an apple
My soul cries out to them
Travel no further through time
Nay pause here a moment
In your youth in your freshness
Clutching books to ripe bosoms
With the world unexplored
Pass not the gates of knowledge
Of what your actions can do
Stay innocent and unknowing
Of the turmoil created
By the crossing of your legs
By the sound of your breathing
By the smell of your skin
Caught on the wind as you
Pass by the perch of this
Smiling man on the bench


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