The Best Erotic Stories.

by WriterDom

bound face down
a white X on green flannel

a touch
a tickle almost
of leather tails
slipping down her silky form

a brush up and down
a swish
and the sting
wraps around her buttocks

then the rain of many
the sweet stripes of submissive
her badge of courage
she doesnâ€(tm)t whimper

hints of the end
discipline done
her transgression absolved

His hands now alleviate
the discomfort
fingers find her wet
open to His pleasure

His tongue slithers
up her spine
His breath tangles in her hair
a nip on ear
as he whispers
a fiery word of praise

she feels the sweet burn
as He fills her
stretching her walls
and reducing her world
to just Him

she pushes to meet Him
and tests the tight leather
fighting the need
for sweet release
until he commands


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