The Best Erotic Stories.

by Mouse

Please, let it be real this time, let me not be dreaming
Not again

Please kiss me
Press your lips to mine
Let our tongues tangle

Please cup the back of my head, my ass
Let me feel the reality of you
All of your lines and planes
None of the soft curves of her

Please remind me of what a man you are
Grind your hips into mine
Denim on denim
Kiss me with all the passion of too many months apart
Make me raw

Please continue, don't go yet
Paw me through my clothes
Rub my softness with your calloused hands
Peel my butch venneer off with my velvet shirt
Make me burn for you

Please lie me down
Find the femininity so carefully hidden away
Lick my nipples till I can't lie still
Bite me like she never could
Lick me raw

Please lay astride me
Nibble the spots she never bothered to find
The places you know by instinct
Talk dirty to me
Tell me how naughty I've been all this time

Please remind me of all my lonely nights
With only memories and the dildo built like you
When I fucked myself silly
Because she wouldn't
And you couldn't

Please trail back down again
Tongue my nipples again
My navel
Work my jeans off roughly
And plunge in

Please start with your fingers
Tease me
Make me beg for it
For any of it
Lick me slowly, softly

Please nip at me
Make me question the line where pain becomes pleasure
Fuck me roughly with your tongue and fingers
Burning for you
And what more will come

Please make me come quickly
Like you always do
Then slowly remove your wrappings
Let me at all of you
To devour

Please lie down so I can kneel before you
Flicking your rings with my tongue
Then biting, just the way you like it
Wrapping my hand around you
And making you pant for my mouth

Please give me that smile
The one that says "Please, you are the one I crave"
Please moan as I devour your cock
Down my throat like a pro
Tonguing you with all I have

Please don't let me stop
Till you explode as only I have made you do
Keep your eyes open
Locked on mine
Till you can't hold back any more

Please flip me on my back
And kiss me again, making me want more
Everything you are going to give me and more
Rub against me roughly, be brutal
Till I scream for want of you inside me

Please plunge in
Work me slowly at first
Working up to the rhythm I crave
Remind me of this heat, this passion
That no toy can provide

Please pull out, rub your tool against me
Lube me with my own juices
Then flip me over and spread me wide
And dive in again
Dive into me

Please work me like only you can do
Make me crave it
Make me love it
Make me scream
Make me cum, over and over again

Please flip me once again
Make love to me sweetly, slowly
Till you can hold back no longer
Pull me close, grab my hips
And take me along for the final ride

Please look down, into my eyes
See the depth of feeling you produce
Don't say a word, just hold me tight
Don't slip away

Please don't recede into the night again
Don't go this time
I long to keep you at my side

Please don't leave me phantom lover
To awaken without you again

Please be real...


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