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Passion and Desire
by poetryLady

My eyes close as I feel his hands running all over my body.
Wild, searching and out of control he touches everywhere, caressing all of me.
Strong and calloused hands from days of hard work, yet gentle and able to drive me wild.
A touch, a word; he has discovered a power he holds.
His lips touch mine, and a passionate kiss ensues.
Then, hunger and desire take over as he kisses deeper with more emotion and hunger.
My body full of fire, a desire I cannot control.
This man has a control over me that no man has ever known.
My eyes open, he stares into them.
But, somehow he gazes through me, deep into my soul.
His kisses run down my neck.
Then, he begins to devour my breasts.
The heat within me intensifies to a point I have never experienced.
Begging him to never stop, his name I cry out.
He moves down, light passionate kisses cover my body as he makes his way.
Down my stomach, to my thighs, then with his hands he guides me to part my legs.
He sucks, touches and drives me wild.
He licks everything, everywhere, making his way to my clit.
Erotic emotions invade, my back arches, head back my eyes close.
My lips slightly parted, moans begin to escape.
He continues driving me deeper into the throws of passion.
I no longer am able to control my emotions.
Desire and longing cloud my mind.
My hands wander exploring every inch of this man.
He softly nibbles, kisses and sucks as he makes his way back up my body.
He caresses every inch of me,
while kissing me passionately.
I move guiding him onto his back.
In my hot, wet mouth I take his hard cock.
Sliding my mouth down I suck as hard as I can on the way back up.
Over and over again, I suck, lick and nibble
I playfully tease and lightly spank my man.
Then I replace my mouth with my hand.
To his balls I move and begin licking.
Passion uncontrollable his hands are all over me, searching.
Moaning he asks for more.
I give him what he desires.
I flick the tip of his cock with my tongue, slowly a kiss I blow his way.
Smiling I go down to his balls again, ready to play.
In my mouth I take them, sucking every so lightly.
Just enough for a little pain, but oh so much pleasure, with a few little lick and flicks from my tongue.
I suck harder and harder as his moans intensify, then go back to licking and fondling lightly.
In my mouth I take his cock once again.
The passion hangs heavy in the air.
I've lost all control, pleasure is all I want.
Want to do everything to him, no cares.
Over and Over
Until he fills my mouth.
I look in his eyes,
Swallow, smile and kiss him biting his lower lip.
He sits up, rolls me onto my back.
Slowly he enters me, gently taking every inch.
As he begins to make love my eyes close.
Slow at first, then he begins a faster rhythm as passion takes control.
I wrap my legs around his waist, tight not ready to let go.
His hands touch me everywhere.
While he makes love to me they explore.
We feel the erotic desires and passions intensify until they are burning within us.
I lose control screaming his name.
Faster and harder he thrusts, driving me out of my mind.
I come with screams escaping my lips, thrashing around on the bed.
He comes with moans and ends with a soft, gentle kiss.
He holds me in his arms, kissing and caressing until we fall asleep in each other's arms.
And, I realize this is the way it should always be.
Passion and desire controlling him and me.


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