The Best Erotic Stories.

Phallic Delight
by Savannah Skye

My feet carry me
Carry me deep into the night
Carrying my body
To the locale where my lover will be
A set place and time
Where orgasms surely will chime

I feel so full of fire
Intense passion and desire
Of his touch I do not tire

After feeling like I was walking for miles and miles
We finally meet face to face
With a lovers embrace

We can feel each other's lust that has built up inside
We are ready, willing and able for a true pleasure ride
With nothing to hide

We find an old empty house
Excitedly jump the fence
Go around back
Where no one is in sight
So I can enjoy his true phallic delight

I take him in my arms and go down south
Caressing and licking every inch of his cock with my tongue
Ever so carefully so as not to miss a spot
Making him feel so hot, hot, hot
It is surely like the sweetest lollipop
That as a child I would buy at a candy store

Then I take him fully in my mouth
When he asks for more
I go full thrust
As he goes deep into my throat til he's ready to bust

After his sweet release
I drink his flavorful juices
As they glide down my throat
Filling me from the outside deep into the inside
With the nectar, the nectar of the gods

Then I move down, move down to his jewels
Licking them at first
Not letting one spot go untouched by my tongue
Then taking them gently in my mouth one by one
Sucking them so delicately, as to only give pure pleasure
Pleasure that he surely will treasure
More than any gold and jewels from a sunken chest
Simply because I am one of the best

ss - 09/20/99

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