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Please Tell Me
by Miyelo Ina

The flutter in my stomach
that only You can put there
and I don't know why.

The smallest thought of You
that lowers my voice
to a respectful whisper.

The deepening tone You use
with absolute certainty
that I will obey You.

The words You choose
that make my fear and comfort
one and the same.

The response of my body
to the things You say
or the mere sound of Your voice.

The sparkle of laughter in You
that can so quickly turn to fire
to burn or soothe as You desire.

Your hand on my skin
so soft and comforting a touch
yet so firm and inescapable.

Your embrace that calmed
the raw edges of my anxiety
and left me at Your mercy.

Your kiss that was so forceful
and so fulfilling that it
melted my hesitation at Your feet.

Your gift of searing pain that
made me cry out but incapable of
saying no or even wanting You to stop.

Your reminder as visible prints
on my skin that I feel reinflicted
each time I see them.

Your ability to open me
to my most secret desires
and lay them bare for Your pleasure.

The serenity I wear
like a warm security blanket
for long hours after I leave You.

The wonder in me of why
any of this happens and how
You were certain it would.

The pain brings the fear
that brings the pleasure
that brings the peace.

How did You know?
Please tell me why
I crave more.


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