The Best Erotic Stories.

Past the Shifting Dunes
by WriterDom

Past the shifting dunes we walk
just a smiling sliver of silver
rising over the fading lights
of a strand of endless motels

guided by the sound of crashing waves
till soft yielding sand becomes packed
by ageless tides rolling back and forth
across this white strip as far as sight

we head southward hand in hand
till the last lonely wanderer fades
we kiss deeply in the ankle deep wash
of white capped waves draw by moon

then proceed to higher ground
lay a towel flat for makeshift bed
and tear away scanty clothes of summer
thrill to press of silky skin, of passion's kiss

lie close in the salty scented breeze
from whence all life began long ago
where we make love under countless stars
and the smiling sliver of silver


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